Hong Kong Company Formation

Hong Kong Company Formation
In recent years, start-ups have become popular, and the government has gradually developed measures to promote fund-raising for young people to practice their entrepreneurial dreams. When you plan to work in which industry, you can prepare to register a company after raising funds. Document submissions are often the most complicated part, and may be confusing for young people who are fresh to the fledgling; the following set up of a Hong Kong company tactics can save your entrepreneurial doubts.

Hong Kong Company Formation-First:Original Company Name
It’s important to see a simple, unique and representative company name. Applicants can apply for the company name in Chinese or English at the same time, but remember that the particular name cannot be integrated with Chinese and English. Originality is also an indispensable element. Entrepreneurs may have numerous ideas when they conceive a company name. If the proposed company name is too similar to other existing names or trademarks, it cannot be applied, which hinders the duration of company registration. In order to prevent the above situation, applicants can browse the Companies Registry’s Online Search Centre(www.icris.cr.gov.hk)or use the Intellectual Property Search System(http://ipsearch.ipd.gov.hk/index.html),fill in the proposed company name to see if the name applies.

Hong Kong Company Formation-Second:Understand the nature of your company and develop a business plan

After selecting the appropriate company name, the applicant begins to enter the complicated file program. Before completing the documents, you also need to decide whether the company you are registering is a limited company or an unlimited company. Most of the reasons why most people choose the former are because the company is a legal person organization and has legal status. When faced with debt obligations, the company will not be involved in the private assets of shareholders if it is in liquidation; on the contrary, when the unlimited company faces the same situation, it needs to involve the use of private property of shareholders to offset the debt. In the next step, the applicant needs to define the nature of the business of his company, plan the amount of shares of each shareholder, etc in order to submit the remaining documents. In summary, applicants are required to submit three documents, namely the Incorporation Form (NNC1), the text of the company’s constitution and the Notice to the Business Registration Office (IRBR1). The first two documents are mainly to complete the company’s internal details, company nature, company secretarial information, number of shareholders and directors and shares details. The last notice is based on the applicant’s choice of one or three-year business registration certificate.

Hong Kong Company Formation-Third:Payment and waiting for company certification documents

After payment, the applicant can patiently wait for the company’s certification documents for successful registration. In addition, he can also entrust the agent to apply for the green box, round chop and other company documents to reduce the troubles of managing a company.

ACCOLADE Company Incorporation + Company Secretary One-stop Service

If you have seen the above-mentioned establishment of the Hong Kong company Formation tactics and feel that the procedures are complicated, you can also choose ACCOLADE to set up a company in order to solve the troubles of the registered company for you. In addition, ACCOLADE also provides professional company secretarial services, whose duties include reporting to the company registry about the structure of the company, any major personnel changes, and preparing the company’s meeting agenda for the board of directors, preparing for the annual general meeting of shareholders and related The statutory regulations provide professional advice to ensure that the company meets statutory requirements and helps you resolve internal document changes after the company is established.

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