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Virtual Office in Hong Kong


Accolade provides a physical address in Hong Kong to be used by the company as Registration address. In particular, the following services are also included:


Standard Plans


Plan A

Plan B

Plan C

Sheung Wan Address ($100)




Mail Notification - By Mail/Phone ($20)




Mail Handling - In Person ($0)




Mail Handling By Post (+35)
(*Postage will be Deducted from Deposit)




Mail Handling By email to an assigned address after scanning ($100)




Hong Kong Telephone - Private Telephone No ($80)




Phone Handling - Transfer to Local Number ($0)




Fax Handling - Shared Fax Number with 40 pages max per month ($25)




Monthly Fee﹕

HKD 120

HKD 235

HKD 340

Pre-payment﹕□24Months(10%OFF), □12Months Virtual Office Application Form

Renting a physical office in Hong Kong entails spending a large sum of money given the ever increasing rentals of local commercial properties. It is also is a major deterring factor for people considering starting their own businesses as rental costs can eat up a large part of their revenue even before their businesses begin to generate profit. As an expert in company formation and specializing in a broad range of corporate management services, Accolade operates two virtual offices in Sheng Wan and Wan Chai to benefit our startup clients by offering virtual office packages that come at a fraction of renting a physical office space. For startups and businesses that do not yet require a physical office space to operate, virtual office is a good choice.

Located in the core business districts in Hong Kong, our virtual offices in Wan Chai and Sheung Wan offer our clients with a prestigious address and a host of services for them to get started, including mail notification, mail & parcel handling and private telephone number. Clients may opt for a standard package from our three standard service plans or request a customized package to meet their budget and other operating requirements.

Here at Accolade, we understand the importance of making priorities and cost management to run a successful business. The ultimate goal of our virtual office services is to give startups and small businesses a head start by helping them keep their operating cost at an affordable level and allowing them to direct their valuable resources to other more urgent or meaningful items. In this way, we help business proprietors make priorities in spending more sensibly, overcome the difficulties most startups encounter at the early stage of operation and pave the way for their future success.

If you are interested to know more about our services of virtual office in Hong Kong, feel free to give us a call and discuss.


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