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Hong Kong Brand New Company only HK$4,600, Hong Kong Shelf Ccompany only HK$5,388, Company Secretary only HK$400, Register and mail Office only HK$900, Seychelles Company only HK$4,700, BVI Company only HK$6,700 and Samoa Company only HK$5,800. Read more about our Latest Promotions >>>...

Accolade provides Express Incorporation Service for Hong Kong Limited company in 1 hour, the all promotion price now is only HK$4,900. You can set up a brand new company in a short time with desired name and structure.


To start the process immediately, please contact us at +852 3521 2888 or email to info@accoladegroup.com.hk of providing your business information, e.g. Name, registered address and company secretary.


For more information, please click "Formation of Hong Kong Company - Fee Schedule"!


New Hong Kong Incorporation Fee Schedule & Services Included:

Service Item;


Service Included

Certificate of Incorporation (CI)


Government Fee HK$1,720

Business Registration License (BR)


Government Fee HK$2,250

Hong Kong Limited Company Incorporation Service Fee


Provided by our professional incorporation consultant

Company Round Chop and 5 set of Artical of Associations


Provided by our professional incorporation consultant

Total Fee


Completed in 8-10 working days

Upgrade to Green Box with common Seal, Company Chops


Provided by ACCOLADE

Company secretarial services (Basic Plan) for 1 year


Preparing and filing of Annual Returns,excluded government fees

Registered Office Address (Plan A) for 1 year


Provision of an address for your HK Company and receive Only business mails

Keeping of Significant Controllers Register- "Designated Representative" Service +800 Ascertaining, preparing and keeping SCR

Total Fee


Completed in 8-10 working days

Accolade provides Express Incorporation Service for Hong Kong Limited company in 1 hour by paying extra HK$300. It is allowing you to set up a new company in a short time with desired name and structure.

For more information, please click "Formation of Hong Kong Company - Fee Schedule"!


Keeping of Significant Controllers Register Services

Under the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2018, a company incorporated in Hong Kong is required 1) to identify persons who have significant control over the company (“significant controllers”); and 2) to maintain a significant controllers register (“SCR”) to be accessible by law enforcement officers. The Ordinance will come into operation on March 1, 2018, you are suggested to take actions early. Please visit HK Companies Registry official page -- "Significant Controllers Register" for detail.


Accolade provides "Designated Representative" Service for Hong Kong Limited company of ascertaining, preparing and keeping SCR by paying extra HK$1,000/year.

Please visit "Significant Controllers Register" for further detail.


Company Formation/Incorporation

Company Formation/Incorporation in Hong Kong & Overseas

For ordinary people, setting up a company domestically or overseas can be a complicated and lengthy process if you’re clueless about what steps you should take. What documents do you need to prepare to complete the company registration procedure in Hong Kong/overseas? How should a Hong Kong company register with the Business Registration Office? How can you speed up the process of overseas/Hong Kong company incorporation? Here at Accolade, we can answer all your questions related to company formation and provide the services you need to ensure a smooth process.

Our consultants understand that setting up a company and completing the necessary documentation are no easy tasks. But proper preparation and a thorough understanding of the process will help you fast-track the process. That’s why you need professional assistance and expert advice to speed up the process of setting up your company.

We specializes in company formation in the major jurisdictions of Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Samoa, Labuan, Seychelles, Delaware and Singapore. We provide a comprehensive range of company formation services including shelf companies in major jurisdictions; incorporation of companies with special names or special features; post incorporation support and ongoing statutory compliance.

We understand that speed is a crucial element for success in the commercial world, therefore we attach great importance to the delivery of timely service. Over the years, we strive to provide the services our clients need in a timely manner and have successfully assisted them in setting up their companies. In addition to proven track record of providing timely services, we are also dedicated to offering a full set of services in order to meet our clients’ needs in the setup process. Our speedy, comprehensive and well-organized services enable our clients to reach their goals faster by giving them the greatest convenience as well as a peace of mind. read more about Company Formation/Incorporation...





British Virgin Islands (BVI) company


7 Days

Seychelles company formation


7 Days

Samoa company formation


7 Days

Cayman company formation

HK$26,200 8 Days
Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Registration of a trademark will give the owner of a trademark the right to prevent third parties from using his mark, or a deceptively similar mark, without his consent for the goods or services for which it is registered or for similar goods or services. For unregistered trademarks, owners have to rely on common law for protection. It is more difficult to establish one's case under common law. read more about Trademark Registration...

Service Item;


Service Included

Hong Kong Trademark Registration


Provided by ACCOLADE professional corporate service consultant

China Trademark Registration


USA Trademark Registration


European Union Trademark Registration


Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

We aim to provide you with the best services by ensuring good value for money and by anticipating your needs, ensuring timely service delivery, and performing our responsibilities with thoroughness and integrity. We provide a broad range of corporate management: Company Secretarial Service; Hong Kong Trademark Registration; Virtual Office; Accounting Services & Tax Compliance; Nominee Shareholder & Professional Director; Bank Account Management Services and other Supplementary Business Solutions. read more about Corporate Solutions...

Service Item;


Service Included

.com Internation company domain name for 1 year (ONE domain name)


Provided, set up and managed by ACCOLADE

.com Company email system (included 10 email accounts) for 1 year


Provided, set up and managed by ACCOLADE


Immigration Consulting

Human Resources and Payroll Administration

Our human resources professionals assist small to medium companies to manage their HR and payroll function in Hong Kong, especially for overseas based companies or companies that do not justify having an in house HR or payroll team. Our HR and payroll services help our clients free from their HR & payroll issues and let them focus on their core business.Read more about Human Resources and Payroll Administration...

Human Resources

Visa & Immigration Services

Our visa team provides professional visa advice for all nationals to apply different types of Hong Kong visas and China visas. Our team has years of experience in dealing with Hong Kong and China visas and can definitely assist you in getting the most appropriate permit within the shortest time. We offer free consultation and assessment, competitive packages to our corporate clients and individual applicants, full refund will be made if application fails, but proudly say it had never happened to us. Read more about Corporate Solutions...

Audit, Accounting  & Taxation

Accounting & Taxation

We provide preparation of monthly / quarterly / annual management accounts for trading, investment and other companies; preparation of financial statements for audi. We can help your business improve its external financial reporting and adapt to new regulatory requirements, including International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We also provide drafting and filing company tax and employer returns. read more about Accounting & Taxation...