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Room B032, 8/F, Block A, U-Town, Sanfeng Beili Building No.1, Chao Yang District, Beijing , China.


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Comparision among major jurisdictions:

With its accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), China has strengthened its roles of manufacturing base and consumer market, thus attracting ever greater attention from overseas investors considering China company formation.

Nevertheless, China is still a place with both opportunities and risks in the eyes of most investors due to factors such as political and cultural backgrounds.

In order to facilitate our clients' needs to develop their business in China, Accolade established its office in Shenzhen and Beijing China years, which has brought us in-depth understanding of Chinese policies, economy, tax system and so on. Through our Chinese advisory group, we can provide practical and feasible proposals for investors regarding China company formation to minimize the future risks to our clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Foreign Investment Manufacturing Enterprise
  • Foreign Investment Trading Enterprise
  • Foreign Representative Office
  • Foreign Investment Consulting Enterprise
  • Company Registration in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone
  • CEPA Foreign Invested Enterprise
  • Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Venture
  • Sino-Foreign Co-operative Joint Venture
  • Transformation of "Processing & Assembly" Companies
Basic Information Hong Kong BVI Cayman Island Singapore
Location Southern China Caribbean Sea, 80 km east of Puerto Rico Caribbean Sea, South of Cuba Southern tip of the Malaysia Peninsular
Law English Common Law English Common Law English Common Law English Common Law
Tax on Offshore Profit No No No No
Double Taxation Treaty Yes No No Yes
Exchange controls No No No No
Register Requirement
Bearer shares common No Yes (subject to custodial provision) Yes (subject to custodial provision) No
Corporate Directors Permit Permit Permit No
Company Secretary Require No No Require
Standard authorised capital HK$10,000 50,000 shares US$50,000 N/A
Capital duty payable upon increase in capital/ No. of Shares Authorized to Issue A capital duty of HK$1.00 is payable for every increase of HK$1,000 or part thereof of the authorised capital above the shelf company standard authorised capital of HK$10,000. The Maximum Capital duty payable is HK$30,000 US$750 for no. of shares over 50,000 Increase in Authorised Capital x 0.1% (maximum payable US$1,464.00) PLUS Filing Fees US$ 340.00
The shareholders' resolution for increase of capital and payment of the Capital Duty, should be filed within 30 days from the date of passing the resolution.
Annual Renewal Fee Due Date N/A - Incorporation date January - June: payable before the 31st May in the year following incorporation
- Incorporation date July - December: payable before the 30th November in the year following incorporation
Payable before 31st January in the year following incorporation N/A
Regulation Requirement    
Registered office / Registered agent Yes Yes Yes Yes
Registered Office and Agent must be in place of jurisdiction Yes (RO Only) Yes Yes (RO Only) Yes (RO Only)
Company secretary Yes (Sole Director may not act as Co Secretary) No No Yes (Sole Director may not act as Co Secretary)
Minimum no. of directors 1 1 1 1
Minimum no. of shareholders 1 1 1 1
Local Directors No No No Yes
Filing of Register of Directors Yes Optional Optional Yes
Filing of Register of Shareholders Yes Optional Yes Yes
Filing of annual return Yes No Yes Yes
Filing of audited accounts Yes No No Yes (except for small private companies who are exempted from audit)
Public access to records Yes No No Yes
Disclosure of beneficial owner No No (only to Registered Agent) No (only to Registered Agent) No
Use of Chinese Name Chinese names are permitted and can be included on a company's Certificate of Incorporation - The M&A and Certificate of Incorporation will show the Chinese name if a Notary Public declares the name is a true translation / transliteration of the English name
- Additional procedures undertaken to add Chinese name to M&A
Chinese names are permitted and can be included on a company's Certificate of Incorporation No
Name Check Usually same day Usually next working day Usually by next working day Usually 1 working day
Incorporation 6 working days (English & Chinese Name) - 2 working days (English Name-existing)
- 4 working days (English & Chinese Name-existing)
- 10 working days (for new incorporated company)
- 7 working days (English Name)
- 15 working days (English & Chinese Name)
2 weeks
Copy of CI Available 6 working days 2-10 working days 7-15 working days 2 weeks